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Karrell sofa makes an excellent sofa set to all modern office. This Karrell sofa truly is a consummate blend between style and comfort. This black and orange color appearance arouse a sharp and sleek look.

As a leading sofa supplier and sofa manufacturer in Malaysia & South East Asia, we have sofa collection for lounge, office and home, our Karrell sofa is comfortable and designed with armrest to maximize sitting pleasure. We have one seat Karrell sofa, 2 seat Karrell sofa and 3 seat Karrell sofa.


Karrell Sofa Stool | Sofa Bench | Coffee Table | Sofa Supplier Malaysia


You can match with Karrell sofa stool, sofa bench or coffee table, our Karrell sofa specially designed for easy moving to suite every space setting. It comes with wooden leg that enhance elegance.

The coffee table comes in two shapes. We have rectangular coffee table and square coffee table. The table tops are tempered glass.

Our Karrell sofa set is both comfortable and stylish. It is a perfect sofa collection for office lounge and workspace! With easy matching colour and materials, is easy to tone up with different office setting. Check more on our sofa collection or contact us for detailed specification.

CL 9911 - 1
CL 9911 - 2
CL 9911 - 3
CL 9911 - STOOL
CL 9911 - BENCH
CL 9911 - 5T (Coffee Table)
CL 9911 - 6T (Coffee Table)

- Sofa and coffee table come with "wooden" base

- Sofa upholstery selection : PU Aurora / Fabric Kios & Line / Leather