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Education, Training & Eco Series


Education Chair Malaysia | Flexible and Customisation Chair Supplier 


Classic Chair offers a full range of education furniture includes lab chair, student chair, training chair, classroom chair and theater seats; it is one of a flexible option and functional design to adjust learning environment and seating.

Comfortable educational environment means more time concentrating on the learning rather than the pain in the back. Our customisable educational chair comes with features that your body will adore:

  1. Armrests
  2. Headrest
  3. Footrest
  4. Table top
  5. Wire tray / basket
  6. Height-adjustable seats
  7. Tilt functions
  8. Castors


Stackable Education Chairs and Link Chair Malaysia | Seating Chair Supplier 


Classic Chair major in manufacturing high quality educational furniture that is durable, dependable and most importantly designed for the public area usage. Our education chairs are configured and enhance for your storage space, they are specially designed for usage in laboratory, tuition centre, school, college, bank, learning workshop, lecture halls and more. 

Our multi-purpose education link chairs are suitable for waiting areas, guest lounge, lecture hall, auditorium and theatre seating.  These education link chairs come in customisable seating needs, we have 2-seat link chair, 3-seat link chair and 4-seat link chair. The back seat support also comes in different shapes, from semi-oval, rounded rectangular and rectangular. We offer different materials such as polypropylene plastic, polyurethane foam, steel and wood. The density foam makes the education link chair extra comfortable and durable to outlast many hours of sitting.


Storage of Multipurpose Education Chair | Portable Classroom Seating | Seating Chair Supplier 


We have designed stackable education chair to ease on moving them from one room to another and save space when not in use. The handle at the back makes it easy to move around and adapt to your changing needs. It fits perfectly anywhere. 

CL 56 (S)
CL 56 (S+A01)
CL 56 (S+A03)
CL 56 (S+A04)
CL 56 (SF) Fully GREY
CL 56 (SF+A01) Fully GREY
CL 56 (SF) Fully IVORY
CL 56 (SF+A01) Fully IVORY
CL 56 (SH)
CL 56 (SH+A01)
CL 56 (F) Fully GREY
CL 56 (F+A01) Fully GREY
CL 56 (F) Fully IVORY
CL 56 (F+A01) Fully IVORY
CL 56
CL 56 (+BK)
CL56 (A01)
CL56 (A03)
CL56 (A03+BK)
CL56 (A04)
CL56 (A04+BK)
CL 56 (G)
CL 56 (G+A01) UF-S
CL 56 (H)
CL 56 (H+A01)
CL 56 - 2
CL 56 - 3
CL 56 - 4
CL 56 - 2N (UF-SB)
CL 56 - 3N (UF-S)
CL 56 - 4N
CL 56 - 2V
CL 56 - 3V
CL 56 - 4V

CL56(S+A04) Upholstery Seat